JHX ribbon mixer machine is using in metallurgy diamond powder industrial

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JHX ribbon mixer machine is using in metallurgy diamond powder industrial\
At present, the diamond tool mixing equipment on the market mainly includes double sports mixing equipment, double cone mixer, V type mixing machine, a small number of double screw mixer and 3 D mixing machine.
These diamond tool mixer applications are a large range of double cone hybrid and V mixer, is also the longest used hybrid machine, in the industry for more than 50 years, almost with the whole development of carbide.
Diamond tool industry technology updated countless technology, but the diamond tool mixing technology has been used decades ago, diamond tool mixing problem is heavy powder mixing evenly, double cone mixer and V mixer the two hybrid equipment movement principle is purely rely on space upside, rely on the material itself diffusion mixing, low efficiency, material uniformity is not high, light powder and heavy powder is difficult to mix evenly, light powder has been on the surface of heavy powder, has affected the progress and development of the diamond tool industry.
Advanced diamond tools special hybrid equipment in gold combined double move!Listed in 2001 zui advanced diamond tool mixer is double motion hybrid machine, this equipment because the industry encountered mixed problems application, double sports diamond tool hybrid equipment available purpose is to solve the problem of light powder is not easy to mix, improve the efficiency of material mixing, reduce the mixing time, increase the material load.This mixer not only has the diffusion mixing process of other models, the most important thing is to add the mixing blades inside the material bucket, can achieve the mandatory mixing process, can easily wrap the light powder into the heavy powder, and these two kinds of mixture superposition movement, to achieve high efficiency, high quality mixing of materials.This dual-motion hybrid process, where a power system drives two sets of motion systems, has won a national patent.This is the patented dual sports hybrid equipment produced by Zhengzhou Jinhe powder technology company.As soon as the hybrid equipment came out, it has won the favor of diamond tool customers, Yellow River Whirlwind, Zhongnan Diamond, Quanzhou Zhongzhi, Quanzhou, Quanzhou Wanlong, Quanzhou Tianyuan, Jiangxi Chaofeng, Jiangsu Fengtai and other hundreds of diamond customers.