Bubble powder industrial powder mixer machine

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Bubble powder is a compound expansion agent, made of soda powder added with acidic material, and a white powder made from cornmeal as a filler, also known as foaming powder and fermentation powder.Bubble-beating powder is a fast fermentation agent, mainly used for the rapid fermentation of food products.In the production of cakes, hair cakes, steamed buns, steamed bread, crisp bread, bread and other food consumption is large.Soak powder It is a white powder made of soda powder with other acidic materials and uses cornmeal as a filler.When soaking powder reacts in contact with water, acidic and alkaline powder is dissolved in water at the same time. Some will begin to release carbon dioxide (CO ₂), and in the baking and heating process, it will release more gas, which will make the product expand and soft effect.Fast reaction instant powder begins to work when it is dissolved in water, while the slow reaction instant powder begins to work in the baking and heating process, in which the "dual reaction baking powder" has the reaction characteristics of both fast and slow baking powder.Its application cannot be separated from the bubble beating powder double sports mixing machine.
The higher the uniformity of baking powder mixing, the better the fermentation effect in the process of making food, high food bouffiness, and better taste and appearance.How can the baking powder mixing uniformity meet the formula requirements?Zhengzhou Jinhe Powder Technology Co., Ltd. invented a new mixing machine, on the basis of 3 D mixer, not only gravity diffusion mixing of the powder, added a set of full size screw blades, can penetrate internal powder, binding, dispersion and other functions, especially for the problem of uneven mixing of trace elements, can be completely solved, the mixer can also open large side opening, convenient for thorough cleaning and cleaning; meet the requirements of food and medical grade.