Double motion 3D mixer is using in formula milk industry

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Formula milk powder is designed to meet the nutritional needs of the baby, and various nutrients are added to the milk powder to achieve the effect of being close to breast milk.Compared with ordinary milk powder, the milk powder removes part of the casein in the formula and increases the whey protein.

Besides most saturated fatty acids, vegetable oil, DHA (dodecocarhexaenoic acid, brain gold), AA (arachidonic acid) formula and lactose with sugar close to human milk; reduced mineral content to reduce the burden on infant kidneys; and trace elements, vitamins, certain amino acids or other ingredients to get closer to human milk.Also known as infant formula.Formula milk powder, also known as breast milk powder, is dairy products on the basis of ordinary milk powder to meet the nutritional needs of the baby and ordinary milk powder.It removes the ingredients of milk that do not conform to the absorption and utilization of infants, and can even improve the lack of breast milk, which is necessary for the healthy growth of infants. Therefore, adding formula to infants has become a common practice around the world.

Many manufacturers of formula have their own formula and invention patents, in the mixture of each element and each powder added ratio, different from the main powder loose density, uniform mixing encountered many problems; many manufacturers are not just a formula, many formulas or many products, require convenient cleaning, no cross pollution and other production requirements.For example: trace elements are difficult to mix evenly, heavy powder is difficult to mix evenly, poor liquidity is difficult to mix evenly.Some materials also require minimal damage to the powder during mixing.Traditional mixer can not solve the above problems, with dual sports mixer to solve these problems.