Domestic first powder laboratory v blender

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 When we encounter the subject matter to be mixed is a variety of very complex powder, and our experience is not much, then the problem? How to do? For example: some of the specific gravity of the powder, some light weight than the proportion of some powder particles, some very fine powder, some powder, poor fluidity, some powder, super fluidity and so on.
   Now easy to handle, to our powder mixing laboratory to help you solve the problem. The purpose of our Powder Mixing Laboratory v blender was to create mixed sample analysis, mixing tests for our customers for free and finally to submit a report on the mixed process flow recommendations.
   For the newcomer engaged in powder mixing process, it is difficult to do the job easily in the face of the complexity of various powders and the limitations of various mixing equipment. Often detours. We set up the laboratory is to use our professional team, rich experience, free samples for customers to analyze, do a variety of mixed experiments, to find a better pragmatic hybrid process solutions. Since its inception, Hundreds of companies have provided excellent technical services, won the customer's praise.
Powder laboratory free service process and you could use v blender to do the mixing lab