Visiting double cone powder mixer customers using state

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Visited the double cone mixer use site, the customer company is worthy of being an international large company, although the production site is a powder mixing workshop, but the ground is not dyed, the equipment is brand-new, a look at the usual management is very strict, The workers on the spot were refreshed one by one. After communicating with the workers, the worker said that since the equipment was put into operation, the automatic docking of the discharge had eliminated the dust fluttering on the spot, and the automatic weighing had saved the operation time and reduced the labor intensity. Thank you very much for designing such an advanced automatic double-cone mixer.
 As a equipment production enterprise, the automatic double cone mixer can get so high evaluation from customers. We are full of pride and pride. There are many enterprises that can innovate and develop. We will always adhere to the "pursuit of innovation, continuous progress" business philosophy, for customers to produce more advanced mixing equipment!