Especially for efficient and uniform food additive mixing

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The main purpose of the food additive powder mixer is to uniformly mix the various elements together, and at the same time, the proportion of some elements may be too small in the proportion of the whole powder. Because some elements have large differences in particle size and specific gravity, and some elements have a large proportion difference, there may be problems of nonuniform mixing or difficulty in mixing uniformity. Therefore, materials with large differences in particle size may need to be pretreated and then mixed, which complicates the mixing process. While some powders account for a small proportion of  main powder, these powders can be called trace elements, which will makes it difficult to uniformity mixing the same batch of powder, and need manually to batch mix, that is, equal amount of incremental mixing, which adds more process, manpower and time to the mixing process. In the face of this situation, the industry urgently needs a unique and efficient new 3D mixer to solve these mixing problems and achieve high efficient mixing.
The food additive industry scale very large and has a wide range of applications. The mixers used are also various. The three dimensional mixer, V-type mixer and double movement 3D mixer are used in fine production. The large scale production uses double cone mixer and double movement mixer, continuous production using a double screw mixer, trough food additive mixer.

Food additive mixers have many types, among which good mixing effect, high uniformity, high loading rate,short mixing time, small energy consumption,stable structure and the small floor space, and the energy saving and environmental protection mixing equipment is the double movement 3D mixer. At the same time of adopts multi dimensional multi directional and two movement superimposed running, multi dimensional space movement, it combines two kinds of movement superposition principles to mix, fully blending, convect and shear mix the powder, and the mixing effect is more uniform than the existing mixing equipment of the industry. The mixer is one of the full series of double movement mixers. It have small laboratory using 2L food additive mixer, and large batch 7000L food additive mixer. It has a full range of models and good quality. It can be customized according to customer needs.
The double movement food additive 3D mixer is widely used in food industry and is a representative of high efficiency three dimensional mixer. It can also let powder mixing simplified, with high efficiency and uniformity of food additive mixing. Food additive customers in all regions have double movement food additive mixers in use, and the results have been well received by customers.