Efficiency mixer is the key to the advancement of mixing

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The mixer plays an important role in our country economic development. Especially the high efficiency horizontal mixer plays an important role in various industries and various product engineering and the key to the advanced mixing technology in the new era of high efficiency horizontal mixer. For example, in the metal materials industry, horizontal 3D mixers are the guarantee of quality for powder metallurgy production. Powder mixing quality will directly affect the intrinsic quality of powder metallurgy parts and the international competitiveness of the whole industry. Only new technologies and new research and development can bring the machinery industry development, promote the advancement and replacement of mixing equipment.
Regardless of the industry, utility models are a must for development. Technology is accompanied by the development of China's manufacturing industry. Some companies are constantly demonstrating their unique manufacturing capabilities and advanced process technologies in the field of mixing equipment. The utility model to be mentioned here relates to a production mixing machine, which is an efficient double movement horizontal mixer for powder mixing process. Its advanced mixing principle and process bring advanced mixing effects across the ages. In the work, new developments have been made in the innovation of the powder mixing industry, bringing new breakthroughs in civil technology.

Faced with a variety of mixing equipment, only by further mastering horizontal mixers various features and uses, choosing the right mixing equipment can not only reduce material consumption, but also reduce customers production time, which is very helpful for improving company profits, to ensure the quality of the industry products.
The double movement horizontal mixer uses the principles of throwing, shearing, superimposing and multi level rotation for mxiing technology. Satisfy high demanding and refined mixing, improve product quality in various industries, and its mixing components are especially suitable for independent system applications.
Mixing system can achieve product performance improvement and high output in the industry according to different loading rate, mixing time and mixing precision.
The high efficiency horizontal mixer uses one set full size blade to superimpose the barrel running. It is a kind of oblique axis movement, which enhances the mixing effect and increases the loading of powders. The mixing strength is larger than gravity type mixer machine V-mixer, and the influence of material characteristics on mixing is greatly reduced.