The ideal equipment for high efficient mixing

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Are you still using traditional mixing? Are you still using a mixing process that has lasted for decades? Are you still worried about the poor application of the three dimensional mixer, or only increase the process or working times to meet the lower standard production requirements? The times are advancing, technology are developing, and manufacturing power is also rushing. Three dimensional mixers have been unable to meet the demand for higher standards of powder uniformity, or high precision,new material mixing has required more efficient mixing equipment. But double movement mixer is an efficient mixing equipment that is far superior to the traditional three dimensional mixer. The advantages of the traditional three dimensional mixer are solved, and the shortage of the three dimensional mixer in the powder mixing is solved.
The traditional three dimensional mixer has advantages and disadvantages, but it has been applied in various industries as a mixing process for decades.
The three dimensional mixer has obvious advantages. Its mixing principle is to make the material with different direction through two barrels of irregular running, so as to achieve an ideal mixing effect.advantages more than V-type and double cone mixer. 
However, the disadvantages of the three dimensional mixer are also obvious. It irregularly runs the material and mixing it by the gravity of the material itself. It has a throwing force on the material and easily destroys the physical structure of powders
The double movement mixer is also called double movement three dimensional mixer. It not only performs three dimensional runs mixing, but also its conical barrel runs along the cross shaft. It realizes 360 degrees all round low speed operation, does not cause throwing motion, and has little damage to powders. At the same time, the internal supporting blade is runs at different speeds from the barrel, and the mixing of the powders is uniformity increased, so that the mixing becomes efficient and simpler.

The traditional three dimensional mixer body structure also has obvious disadvantages. It is operated by two extended mechanical arms, and broken mixer arm and wounded accident occur if long time mixing. The double movement three dimensional mixer uses a reinforced running shaft, which runs smoothly, eliminates the risk of broken arms, and makes powder mixing safer.
The inlet and outlet of the three dimensional mixer are combined into one, and the size also not satisfactory. Most customers have problems with inconvenient to feeding and discharging. The double movement mixer feeding and discharging with different place, and the size and opening and closing forms are also different, which is more convenient for the workers to operate, so that the powder mixing workshop workers can operate faster!
Another disadvantage of the three dimensional mixer is that it cannot be enlarged. It is only suitable for experiments with small batch production. Large scale production enterprises want to uniformity mix need choose double movement three dimensional mixers,that can guarante powder high efficiency mixing. So they don't need purchased multiple mixer machine to meet production volume requirements, and a large double movement mixer is used to achieve mixing needs. This makes large batch mixing no longer cumbersome.