Feed additive good application of horizontal mixer

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The development of the feed additive industry has brought about a huge improvement in feed quality. It not only strengthens the nutritional value of feed, saves feed cost, but also improves animal performance and ensures animal health. Horizontal mixers are one of the key equipments in both the feed production process and the feed additives production process. As a commonly used powder mixing equipment in the industry, the level of technology determines products quality in various industries, which means that the performance of feed additive horizontal mixer determines the level of productivity. 
After years of development, various feed enterprises have clear requirements for feed additive horizontal mixers, such as: high purity, high bioavailability, excellent mixing uniformity, saving feed cost, environmental protection, high mixing precision, short mixing time, low power consumption, high loading rate, convenient cleaning and maintenance.
Nowadays, the feed additive industry uses space convection mixing or forced mixing equipment. The space convection mixing mode represents:three-dimensional feed additive mixer, double cone feed additive mixer, V-type feed mixer, forced mixing represent model:double spiral feed mixer, trough feed mixer, etc.

These mixers machines have different effects on different physical materials. According to production requirements, the structure size is different, the mixing speed is different, and the mixing precision is also very different. Combining the characteristics of feed additive industry and the demand for the use of feed additive horizontal mixer, the advanced is the double movement feed additive mixer is most suitable for market demand.
This double movement mixing equipment is a standard horizontal mixer with a horizontal body structure that is more stable, with low mixing vibration, safe and secure, and a firm seal. At the same time, the double movement superimposed mixing structure is the representative of the advanced mixing principle. It combines the space convection and forced mixing, which can greatly shorten the mixing time, increase the mixing efficiency, reduce the power consumption and increase the loading rate. It is a horizontal mixer with advanced technology in the additive powder industry.