3D mixer uniquely charms in pharmaceutical powder mixing

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Most of the major manufacturers in the pharmaceutical powder industry have mixed processes, such as double cone mixers, three dimensional mixers, and double movement 3d mixers. These equipments have their own advantages.So isn't it important to choose which mixer machine? No! Double cone mixer and three dimensional mixer are just common mixes in the early days, but the mixing effect and the use effect are not satisfactory. There is an urgent need for a new type of mixer to solve some problems of pharmaceutical powder mixing.
Powder mixing problems such as trace element addition are the main mixing problems in the pharmaceutical powder industry, to cope with such a problem, we need a double movement pharmaceutical 3d mixer. The mixer's appearance, advanced mixing principle, and mixing effect far exceed the existing mixing equipment in the market, and it is a mixing machine that achieves efficient mixing.
For manufacturers who need efficient mixing technology, in order to ensure product quality, save space and reduce energy consumption, double movement mixers will be selected. Because the double movement mixer is a new mixing process, it is gradually expanding it's use scope, occupying the pharmaceutical and veterinary drug markets, and fully solving various powder mixing problems.
In the past, pharmaceutical and veterinary drug manufacturers used V type mixer machines and double cone mixer machines, which were controlled by the mixer technology. With the advent of the double movement mixing process, manufacturers are now phasing out V type mixers, double cone mixers, and starting to choose double movement mixers.
The reason for phasing out these mixers has already been mentioned. This is the customer’s own choice and also is choice of the technological development. Double movement 3d mixer with unique motion structure, at the same time as the barrel rotates, a set of full-size blades inside is also rotated and stirred, and the material is convected, interspersed, and wrapped. It can solve all mixing problems well and meet all the needs of large scale and miniaturization.