New mixer fully solve various powder mixing problems

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As the market demands higher quality of various products, the mixing problem will follow, the improvement of mixing requirements makes it difficult for traditional mixers to complete new mixing tasks. Therefore, there is an urgent need in the market for a new horizontal mixer that solves the mixing problem.
The traditional horizontal mixer is a mainstream mixing equipment, which has a larger scale application in various industries. There are mainly use space convection to achieve mixing: three dimensional, double cone mixer, v type mixer. Or a double spiral mixer,ribbon mixer with a mechanical agitation principle of lifting and throwing. These mixing equipments follow the old mixing principle and are greatly unsuitable for new mixing processes, not only in the mixing difficulty, mixing precision, but also affect the finished product quality and industry development.
These traditional horizontal mixers have their own defects, which bring a lot of mixing problems to the production and are difficult to solve. Therefore, a new horizontal mixer has emerged on the market to solve the mixing problem. Double movement horizontal mixer.
The idea of double movement horizontal mixer to solve the mixing problem is to combine the advantages of all the mixing equipment on the market. The principle is that one motor, two sets of moving devices, the barrel rotating with the material convection, and a full size blade inside the barrel is also independently rotating and stirring. It can apply the force of intercalation, shearing and convection to materials to solve various mixing problems. 
This mixer adopts stable and reasonable horizontal structure and combines multiple mixing methods. Buy a new horizontal mixer that brings double mixing effects to solve various powder mixing problems. No one will reject a more efficient mixing process.