Promotion of new high tech materials horizontal mixer

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In recent years, with the development of applied physics, various new materials have been widely marketed due to their unique physical properties, also widely used in new fields due to these characteristics. High tech materials have been widely accepted by various industries and recognized by consumers because of their outstanding performance in market competitiveness. At present, more and more enterprises are begin to strengthen research and development of high tech materials in order to obtain better product characteristics and seek core competitiveness of products. In everyday applications, Everything from the space shuttle to our daily necessities has a shadow of high tech materials. For example, new ceramic materials, textile materials, and equipment manufacturing materials are using new high tech materials. High tech materials will also be the inevitable product of industrial development to a certain stage. Human research on materials is also transferred from macro perspective to micro application, at the same time, the application and promotion of high tech materials also bring more convenience to people's production and life. In the application of high tech materials, horizontal mixers have become a vital powder equipment, and the requirements for mixing equipment are also very high.
In the production and application of high tech materials, there are also great technical difficulties, because high tech materials have an important characteristic that is small, sometimes even small to nanometer scale, so gravity almost loses its binding force on the powder, it will float get a little kinetic energy, which makes it difficult to mix production. The intense mechanical kinetic energy of the traditional mixer can transfer energy to the powder, so that the powder has various activities, which will overcome the phenomenon of floating, adsorption, and repulsion caused by gravity, and results in a large mixing difficulty that cannot be solved by existing traditional horizontal mixers.
In order to overcome the above mixing problems, Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of double movement series horizontal mixer by analyzing the powder characteristics of high tech materials: the core principle is to carry out medium and low speed, multi-layer shear mixing in low-speed flowing powders. 
The mechanical shock, friction and kinetic energy generated are small during the mixing process of the new high efficiency horizontal mixer, which greatly inhibits the activity of floating, adsorption and repulsion of ultrafine powder, in order to achieve uniform mixing between high tech materials, it provides an important basis for the development and use of high tech materials, and has become a new and efficient powder mixer on the market.
From the theory and the fact, they have been recognized by customers, and they can fully meet customer's actual needs in terms of mixing uniformity.