High precision mixing of pharmaceutical intermediates

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In the production process of pharmaceutical intermediates, it is essential that the various elements are evenly distribute and determines the quality of each batch of products. If the horizontal mixer is used in the mixing process can not achieve a uniform distribution of various elements, it is sufficient to indicate that the product is unqualified. There are many factors that cause this. If you want to solve it well, you need to improve the mixing process and use a high efficient horizontal mixer.
Now the pharmaceutical intermediate mixing process uses two dimensional machine, three dimensional machine, these mixers use a mixing process decades ago to meet certain mixing requirements and are difficult to accomplish for highly sophisticated mixing tasks. Only advanced high efficiency mixer machine can meet the mixing requires of pharmaceutical intermediates.
With the improvement of various technologies and the improvement of quality requirements, the technology of pharmaceutical intermediate mixer machine has higher requirements, so the double movement pharmaceutical intermediate horizontal mixer came into being.
The horizontal mixer equipment rotates the barrel, and the material rolls up and down, as well as the left and right convection folding movement, let the upper and lower left and right sides of the pharmaceutical intermediate powder be uniform and avoid the appearance of dead angle during mixing. 
At the same time, the double motion horizontal mixer also has a full-size blade inside the drum that is also rotated independently. This device shears and stirs the fine parts inside the powder of the pharmaceutical intermediate, and microscopically displaces and exchanges the particles and particles of the pharmaceutical intermediate powder. Achieve fineness and uniformity to reach the desired mixing effect, meeting the high precision requirements of the pharmaceutical intermediate industry.