How to improve the mixing effect, bring mixing progress

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The commonly used mixers on the market mainly include traditional three dimensional mixer and double motion three dimensional mixer. Commonly used mixers can also be classified into two types according to their motion principle. One is that the barrel is fixed, and the other is that the material barrel can be moved. In the process of mixing application, mixer equipment should be selected according to different properties of materials to meet the uniform mixing requirements. With the development of society and the advancement of technology, the development of modernization is getting better and better, for the powder mixing, the national economy and the people's livelihood is getting more and more attention, and more and more technicians are aware of the importance of mixing, promoted a revolution in the mixer machine. A mixer in the market that combines two traditional mixing processes--double motion mixer, material barrel also runs with the material. The mixer brings an efficient era of double motion mixing and is an enhanced version of the traditional 3D mixer.
The mixing principle of the new three dimensional mixer is very different from that of fixed barrels(such as trough mixers)on the market, the double motion mixer mixing principle is that the motor drives the drum to rotate, and the material is tumbling by gravity to mix different dry powders to eliminate dead angles, at the same time, the internal blades are also independently stirred, and the superposition of the two forces has the effect of interspersing, shearing, convection, turning, and wrapping on the material, so greatly improved mixing efficiency, saving mixing time, and using this mixer to make a qualitative leap in product quality.