Double motion high efficiency pharmaceutical mixer

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A pharmaceutical group in Zhejiang ranks among the top 40 pharmaceutical manufacturers in China and the top ten in the national Chinese medicine industry. It is the leading enterprise in the industrial sector of Zhejiang Province, and is ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in Zhejiang. At present, the industrial system with the pharmaceutical industry as the main industry, the agriculture industry, the health food and beverage industry, and the health care industry as the auxiliary industry. The sales volume of the group is over 10 billion. In order to ensure the medicine quality, the preparation process also attaches great importance to the mixing process, and the mixing process and mixing equipment are constantly updated, the adoption of the new pharmaceutical 3D mixer shows that quality is the guarantee of all development.
In the pharmaceutical mixing process, the group used a 1000L three dimensional mixer in the early stage, mixing time was long, and the shafts at both ends of the three dimensional mixer often broke, so an accident occurred. By chance, Kang Enbei technical chief found a mixing equipment on the network that could replace the traditional three dimensional mixer and found us. He was attracted by our Jinhe brand JHY series pharmaceutical mixer machine, and attracted by the structure of the equipment and the unique double motion mixing principle. Then he went to our factory for a field trip and very satisfied. He immediately decided to order a JHY1000L as trial order, our mixer equipment can achieve 80% loading rate, nearly double the traditional three dimensional mixer.
The new high efficiency pharmaceutical 3D mixer is widely used in the industry for its unique double motion mixing process, it is one of the various series of double motion mixers, the double motion 3D mixer used in the pharmaceutical industry uses a unique double motion mixing principle and cleaning easier and faster, reduce mixing time, increase mixing efficiency, reduce manual input and reduce resource consumption, and quickly put into production to create greater value for the company. Both the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry are very satisfied with the later use effect, creating more value for the company is the lifelong pursuit of Jinhe team and Jinhe mixer equipment.