Advantages of efficient mixer in pharmaceutical industry

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China's pharmaceutical industry has maintained a relatively fast growth trend, especially with the acceleration of the medical reform process and the increase of medical insurance investment and the improvement of national medical health awareness, the scale continues to expand, and the quality and efficiency of economic operations continue to improved. With the demands of internationalization and ecological environment. In the development of national economy, China’s efforts to improve environmental protection and medical safety. This requires each company to adopt more environmentally friendly equipment. For example, the raw material medicine mixing process requires high environmental performance.
The pharmaceutical industry continues to grow, and China's pharmaceutical mixing equipment industry has also maintained rapid growth. More industry data shows that China's pharmaceutical mixing equipment industry sales revenue is increasing year by year.
The EU is the main export market for chemical pharmaceutical products in China. The GMP standards implemented in China cover the basic requirements of GMP for the European Union, the US FDA and WHO, the hardware aspect refers to the EU standard, and the software refers to the US FDA standard. Its strictness is not available in the history of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, the promulgation of the new standard will inevitably lead to the accelerated upgrading of production of export enterprises.
In the context of the full implementation of the new GMP in China and the improvement of environmental protection requirements for pharmaceuticals industry. In the future, the growth rate of the market capacity of raw material drug mixing equipment will be better, and the functional requirements for mixing equipment will be more stringent. Only high tech and high efficiency mixing equipment can meet the needs of various powder mixing.
Jinhe brand double movement mixing equipment from the beginning of the small test to the current wide application and powder mixing industry, it is not accidental, but the inevitable result of the development of the times and the market demand.
Double movement mixing equipment has been recognized by major pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad for its unique double motion mixing principle and its high loading rate, short mixng time, great mixing efficient and power saving advantages. Double motion mixing equipment is widely used in other powder industries, such as powder metallurgy, superhard materials, food additives, new building materials, high-tech materials, etc. Jinhe double movement  mixing equipment is dedicated to the completion of various powder mixing processes.