Application of horizontal mixer in ultrafine powder

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Ultrafine powder mixing is an important procedure in ultrafine powder applications and a common mixing process for various mixers. The mixing of ultrafine powders is related to more people's livelihood industries, this is because ultrafine powder is used in almost all sectors of the national economy. There are many mixing equipments required in the powder mixing process. Here, lets we analysis the commonly used horizontal mixer machine.
In powder mixing, the difficulty of powder mixing is distinguished by powder particles size, density and fluidity. Ultrafine powder generally from a few nanometers to tens of micrometers. The nano sized particle size of the ultrafine powder determines its excellent properties, such as low melting point, strong magnetic properties and good activity, but at the same time, it also brings certain mixing difficult. It needs a new horizontal mixer with more efficient and high precision to mix more uniformity, so that achieve high precision requirements in various industries.
Powder mixing technology has a long history, but ultrafine powder mixing technology is a new powder mixing technology that has been rapidly developed along with modern high tech and new materials industries, It has become one of the common techniques for mineral raw materials deep processing, and is also the key to promoting the development of high tech new materials, this is inseparable from the new high efficiency double motion horizontal mixer.
The industry and application range of ultrafine powders is also quite wide, because of the unique characteristics to ultrafine powders, the fields involved include mining, metallurgy, rubber, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, pigments, new energy, electronics, building materials, fine ceramics, environmental protection, etc. Therefore, powder mixing is also involved in many industries. The new horizontal mixer machine series is a double motion mixing equipment, and its efficient mixing effect is not achieved by various traditional horizontal mixing equipment in the industry.
The new horizontal mixer has a good application in ultrafine powder mixing, and has obvious mixing advantages. From the perspective of equipment, it is derived from the development of Jinhe double motion high-end manufacture technology and new mixing technology, the principle of double motion mixing uses two sets of motion systems to fully mix the powder, solving the mixing problem of various ultrafine powders, such as floating, segregation, etc. aslo solved the problem of powder mixing with large difference in specific gravity. It is a high efficient powder mixing equipment.