Technology of efficiency dry powder mixing equipment

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In mixing equipment applications, powder mixing processes and mixing effects are of particular concern to individual powder blenders. Its the purpose of every enterprise with get good mixing effect and solve mixing problem. However, due to the variety of mixing equipment and the complexity of powder materials, there are many factors affecting the powder mixing.
In various mixing equipment applications, there are three key physical indicators that affect the dry powder mixing effect: particle diameter, bulk specific gravity and fluidity. If the difference too large between the index parameters of the powders participating in the mixing, it is not easy to mix uniformity, and the following adjustment work is required: 
1. It is difficult to mixing uniformity when there are too many differences between coarser and finer powders in different powders.
In this case, the coarsest powder should be crushed and ground in advance so that the particle size is close to the average of the overall powder particle size, and then mixed.
For example, in a batch of powder to be mixed, the catalyst powder is 300 mesh, and the coarse ore powder is 30 mesh. The coarse ore powder need ground to about 100 mesh and then mixed, and the mixing effect can greatly enhanced.
2. Light and heavy powders with a large difference in specific gravity in the powder to be mixed is not easy mixing uniformity.
For example, the salt in the powdery seasoning is often sink the bottom when mixing, resulting in uneven mixing, we can grind salt first and then it can mix easily. This is because after the heavy powder refined, the space occupied by them becomes larger, so the specific gravity of the looseness is reduced, and the individual particles are light, thereby reducing the power of sinking and improving the mixing effect.
3. Some of the powder to be mixed, poor in fluidity, and not easy mixing uniformity.
For powders that are too moist, poor fluidity, are not easy to uniform mix, and are easily combined into agglomerates (rolling balls) during mixing. This kind of powder needs to be dried and dehumidified first, and its fluidity is increased, and then it is easy to mixing uniformity.
4. The first three treatments are not omnipotent and require efficient mixing equipment to solve. Some powders are ultra-light powders and ultra fine powders cannot be thickened or aggravated . This requires other methods to solve the problem, some powders poor fluidity is determined by nature, and drying can't solve the problem. These problems can be solved by choosing an efficient double motion mixing equipment
Choose high efficiency advanced mixing equipment can achieve half the work with double results, and solve various powder mixing problems, adapt to the mixing of various complex powders. Therefore, the high efficiency double motion mixing equipment replaces the traditional mixing equipment and becomes the main equipment for various powder mixing applications.