Horizontal mixer easily solve liquid spraying problem

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Powder mixing processes are complex and diverse, and the mixing equipment involved is more diverse. What kind of mixer can solve the powder mixing problem of add liquid? This has always been a concern of the powder mixing industry and the mixing equipment industry. In the face of similar special processes, high mixing effect of the mixer is needed. The horizontal mixer mentioned here has a remarkable mixing effect. The horizontal mixer is a high efficiency mixer series.
High efficiency horizontal mixer is dominated by the special needs in the powder mixing industry, dedicated to efficient, strong, uniform mixing. Mixing can also be very simple in the face of some special industries.
In the powder mixing process, a small amount of liquid needs to be added during the mixing process due to the particularity of the product, although the amount is small, but the method of adding is unreasonable, it will directly affect the uniformity of mixing and affect the quality of the product. In the previous process, first manually mix a small amount of materials, which increased the labor intensity of workers, and the instability of artificial was closely related to the skills of workers. and also the direct mixing of the liquid into the barrel, which will cause a large agglomeration around the liquid. Especially the traditional three dimensional mixer, double cone mixer, v type mixer are difficult to open the agglomeration because there is no breaking shear force inside. To solve this kind of problem, in addition to a mixer that can produce shearing inside the equipment (double motion horizontal mixer with full size spiral blades), coupled with a set of atomization system to make the liquid into the inside the material, effectively mixing the liquid into the powder material.
Jinhe brand double motion horizontal mixer adds special process to the process of liquid spraying. For example, the designed spray nozzle of the liquid spray system exerts the system's full spray without dead angle, the powder and liquid reach uniformity, reduces the resistance for powder mixing, and makes the powder mixing more uniform and fast.