Fighter in the mixer industry--Advanced 3D mixer

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Mixing should be familiar to industry, and more and more efficient mixers are needed to support the continuous development of the whole industry. The mixer to be mentioned here is an advanced high efficiency 3D mixer, which is a fighter in the mixer industry. Recommended reason: ultra uniform mixing, low power consumption, short mixing time, no residue design, high degree of automation, etc.

The advanced 3D mixer adopts 360 degree full space without dead angle mixing principle, that is double motion mixing superposition, serving chemical, dye pigment, pharmaceutical, food, battery, pesticide industry, powder metallurgy, resin, light industry, aerospace industry, automobile manufacturing, plastics, building materials, ceramics, comprehensive and other fields. Advanced mixing industry and highly automated systems bring a lot of convenience to most powder mixing companies, not only in powder mixing results and efficiency, but also the high performance of product.
High efficiency 3D mixers can efficient and uniform mixing in the face of complex powder mixing characteristics and diverse powder types, for example, the mixing of powders and their density (grain size), fluidity, elasticity, surface roughness and shape have different effects on the powder, use traditional mixers also has a certain impact on powder mixing! Efficient and advanced 3D mixer can not only ignore these effects, but also several times better than traditional mixers.