Advantages of 3D mixer compares to horizontal mixer

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3D Efficient mixing equipment is based on the mixed effect, and it also needs to meet the high standard requirements of high efficiency mixing or precision technology required by each powder industry. Therefore, the 3D efficient mixing machine not only has high mixing efficiency and good mixing effect, but also needs more advantages that the traditional mixer cannot satisfy. For example, compared with horizontal ribbon mixer, it needs no material dead angle and less power, save more resources, etc.
Mixing equipment far superior to horizontal ribbon mixers is currently represented by a double motion mixing equipment series. The 3D double motion series of mixers have their unique mixing advantages, which are not only reflected in the uniform mixing effect, but also in the more efficient mixing, as well as in their advanced mixing process and precision high quality matching series.
The double motion series 3D mixing machine has two sets of motion systems, the first set of motion system drives the container (barrel) to roll, make the container move irregular in space and carry out convection and mixing of the internal materials in each space, this is the first level of mixing (such as the three dimensional mixer and the v type mixer only have this mixing method). The second set of motion systems drives the full size blades inside the container at different speeds to intersperse, shear, mix and other complex mixing work.
Double motion 3D mixer machine mixing system is more advantageous than the horizontal ribbon mixer. The turbine mixing blade of the horizontal ribbon mixer can not cover the whole barrel, and there will have dead angle after mixing, which is difficult to achieve true full uniformity, it can't reach some high standard mixing requirements and can't achieve high efficient mixing. And the loading rate is low, the motor is difficult to drive mixing if too much loading, and there will be problems such as stuck and slow operation. In the mixing process of high efficiency mixing equipment, the full size blade 3D space rotation movement is not only fully mixed, but also has no material dead angle, at the same time,just requires little energy to drive the mixture, realizing the development of green industry with low energy consumption and high environmental protection.
Efficient mixing equipment is based on the principle of 3D efficient and uniform mixing, the new ultra high efficiency mixer with special industrial design can effectively and uniform mixing smaller particle size powders such as nano powder and ultrafine powder. At the same time, some materials with large differences in specific gravity also can be mixed, and the mixing effect can meet the high standard requirements of the enterprise, and it can meet the various requirements of powder mixing in the high tech materials industry.
Zhengzhou Jinhe double motion 3D mixing equipment has been committed to efficient mixing technology and high end mixing technology, we are also working on the modeling of more efficient mixing equipment and will apply these new high efficiency high energy mixing machine to new research areas.