High speed shear mixing machine for sticky powder

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Here, we must first celebrate the double movement high speed shear mixing machine officially put on the market, bringing benefits to more powder mixing industry.
The double motion mixer has been put on the market for many years. It has been highly recognized by many companies in the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, food additives, powder metallurgy and super hard materials. Leading market with its unique mixing advantages. Based on the double motion mixer, for the special requirements of the niche industry mix, the technical department of Jinhe Factory devoted research and overcome technical difficulties, and finally developed the JHF double motion high speed shear mixing equipment.
The new ceramic industry is a growing industry. For the mixing process in the production process, the material characteristics are mainly:
1. Material is wet and moisture content is high (more than 5%)
2. The material has strong stickiness and it is tight and difficult to open.
3. Low trace element content (1~1.5%), difficult to mix uniformity with the main powder.
For the above material characteristics, Jinhe double movement high speed shear mixer has the following features:
1. Blade with high speed rotation;
2. Material movement with a large space;
3. Two sets of motion systems are superimposed and mixed. Through multiple mixing practices, it takes only five minutes, the hard particles of the group are completely opened, and the mixing effect fully meets the process requirements.
The double motion high speed shear mixing equipment has brought good news to the niche industry. Through a lot of experimental feedback, this equipment is also used in the seasoning industry.