Horizontal mixer machine for high tech materials

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High tech materials are new materials that can be used in new areas and can be innovated in use, the requirements for horizontal mixers are very high. To achieve the desired results, efficient mixing equipment is needed. At present, many companies are developing their high tech materials and enhance their market competitiveness. High tech material application fields are also very wide. From the space shuttle to our daily necessities, there are shadows of it. However, it is very difficult to produce composite high tech materials, because high tech materials have an important feature that is small, sometimes as small as the nanometer, so gravity almost loses its binding force on the powder, and it can float when a little bit of kinetic energy. It is very difficult to mixing, only to find a high efficiency horizontal mixer to achieve uniformity mixing.
Intense mecanical kinetic energy in traditional horizontal mixers transfers energy to the powder so that the powder to produce various activities, It will overcome the gravity to produce floating, adsorption, repulsion, etc., resulting in great mixing difficulty. There is an urgent need for a series of more efficient horizontal mixer in the field of high tech materials, and the double motion horizontal mixer can solve the problem of high tech material mixing, and it has more advantages in high efficient mixing. The mixer machine for high tech materials has advanced mixing technology and high efficiency uniform mixing structure.
The high efficiency horizontal mixer machine is independently developed by Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. In order to overcome and solve the mixing problem of high-tech materials, Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of double motion horizontal mixer after painstaking research: The core principle is to carry out the shear mixing of medium low speed and multi layer. The mechanical shock, friction and kinetic energy generated are very small during the mixing process, which greatly inhibits the activities of floating, adsorption and repulsion of the ultrafine powder, thereby achieving uniform mixing between the high tech powder. The mixing problem of high tech materials is solved effectivity and provides an important bases for the development and use of high tech materials. It is an efficient mixing equipment for high tech materials manufacturers on the market.