Application of 3D Mixer in Injection Molding Process

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Injection molding, also known as injection molding, is an injection and molding method. The advantages of the injection molding method are high production speed, high efficiency, and automation of operation, variety of designs and colors, the shape can be from simple to complex, the size can be from large to small, and product size accurate,products easy to be replaced, and can be shaped into complex parts, injection molding is suitable for mass production and shape complex products and other areas of molding processing. The quality of the products is closely related to the powder mixing process. Only the high efficient 3D mixer can guarantee the quality and performance.

Injection molding process is involved in material mixing, mold design, manufacturing, raw material characteristics, molding process, injection molding machine operation, etc., and is closely related to processing environment conditions, time,processing technology. Therefore, the quality of the product depends not only on the injection molding accuracy, measurement accuracy of the injection molding machine, but also on the quality of the mold design and the accuracy level of the mold processing, Usually, it is also affected by the above other factors and constraints mentioned above, such as powder mixing, how to use a suitable mixer for injection molding are the key to the performance of the molded product.
In powder mixing, the application process of Injection molding powder mixer machine is often a very easy to be neglected, but it is a crucial process. If the materials are not uniformity mixed, the material distribution is unreasonable, so the products produced are not consistent, and the quality is not guaranteed. Now most leading enterprises purchase high efficiency double motion 3D mixer machine, mainly to reduce mixing time, increase material uniformity, and increase mixing efficiency.