Efficiency mixer machine for food additive industry

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Most of the food additives are compound types. The compound additives only mix several materials according to a certain process ratio, so as to form a targeted food additive. Food additive formulas are similar, the difference is the competition of sales channels and product mix uniformity. In this case, the mixed effect of mixing equipment determines the core competitiveness of company, a good mixer machine determines whether the product has a long term stable sales, and good mixer machine can better solve some mixed problems in the food additive industry.
In the food additive industry, the uniqueness of some powders will bring some trouble for mixing, generally involved in light and heavy powder, trace elements, formula change and other technical problems. In the presence of the above problems, the general traditional powder mixing equipment often cannot solve these mixing problems. At this time, the mixing uniformity and the product quality cannot be quantified and cannot be effectively controlled.
In the mixing process of food additive products, there is also a technology appeal, that is, the more fluffy the mixed materials, the better the water meltability, and the better the use effect. Under this circumstance, the traditional plough mixer can not be applied. The blades of the traditional plough mixer will only let mixture get stronger and stronger, the coefficient of variation is larger, and there will be dead angle. At the same time, due to the increasing labor costs, the demand for automation mixing equipment is increasing.
Traditional mixing equipment often adopts a single mixing principle, which makes it impossible to obtain ideal mixing uniformity during the mixing process, and cannot solve the traditional mixing problem of trace element mixing, light and heavy powder mixing etc. For a series of problems, Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. has developed the Jinhe brand double motion mixing machine, One set of motion system realizes gravity diffusion mixing, another set of motion system realizes mechanical forced shear mixing, and two sets of motion systems are superimposed and mixed, which solves the above mixing problem well. At the same time, the equipment with large opening can be effectively cleaned to prevent cross contamination between materials, and it is convenient for enterprise to replace the mixed formula. High efficient, uniform, energy saving and convenient are the labels of the Jinhe brand double motion mixing machine, which are more in line with the choice of food additive enterprises, and can meet the requirements of the additive enterprises in the production process.