Special mixer machine for magnetic materials industry

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Magnetic materials mainly refer to substances that can directly or indirectly generate magnetis from transition elements such as iron, cobalt, nickel and their alloys. It is widely used in China and is the main accessory product of various electronic products, whether it is home appliances or industrial products such as computers, communication equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, or the defense industry, magnetic materials are indispensable. China is a big producer of magnetic materials, and the magnetic material industry has developed very well. In the process of production, the mixer is a necessary process, and the demand is huge and the requirements are also very high. There are many horizontal mixers used in the magnetic material industry, which can be roughly divided into gravity diffusion mixer machine and forced mixing machine.

In industrial development, as a functional material, magnetic materials occupies an increasingly important position. The application fields of magnetic materials are quite extensive, including traditional industries, home appliances, biotechnology and medical, military, archaeological and astronomical address mining etc. Among them are the typical double cone mixer, v type mixer, three dimensional mixer and the double motion horizontal mixer.
For companies in the magnetic materials industry, all the manufacturers have to choose different types of horizontal mixers according to their own process requirements to complete different mixing tasks, and achieve their industry product requirements, to achieve uniform mixing and high product quality.

Among these magnetic material mixing equipments, the advanced one is the double motion horizontal mixer. This is a motor with two sets of motion devices, gravity diffusion combined with forced mixing. Short mixing time reduces material heating and avoids changing materials physical properties. Eliminate dead angel and avoid cross contamination of materials. What's more, it is solved the problem that the material with large difference in specific gravity are not easy to mix, and also increases the materials uniformity of material mixing and ensures the quality of products.