3D mixer meets the need of pharmaceutical industry

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With the development of modernization, industry is developing, the times are advancing, various needs are constantly increasing, and the medical industry is developing rapidly, With the gradual acceleration of the aging of society, the demand for medical treatment and medical care for the elderly will be further improved. Medical is growing, quality and technology are also increasing or constantly improving, Through the investigation of various pharmaceutical preparation, pharmaceutical raw materials and other production enterprises, we have learned that the current problems existing in pharmaceutical enterprises are the production technology, which requires a new and high efficient pharmaceutical 3D mixer, For example, in the pharmaceutical dialysis powder industry, ordinary mixers can not achieve uniform results at all, and high efficiency three dimensional mixers can be used to meet the needs of the dialysate industry. At present, the problems faced by the pharmaceutical market mainly include the following:
1. The material is easy to form false particles,cannot disperse and affect product quality;
2. It is difficult to mix mass material evenly;
3. At present, the mixing process is complicated, and the mixing time is long;
4. It is not convenient for clean and maintenance with imported trough mixer;
5. Mixing uniformity and product quality are not guaranteed.
So they urgently need an efficient 3D mixer that can solve all the above problems, the 3D mixer needs to be safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and hygienic, but so far no suitable mixer has been found. After communication with our technical personnel and field operation of the equipment, we have a preliminary understanding of our 3D double motion mixer:
1. Drive two sets of motion systems separately with one set of power: The full size double spiral blade inside the barrel rotates faster than the barrel speed, which can break up and open the false particles to solve the problem of material mixing;
2. The original oblique insertion type barrel operation mode, rotates along the oblique insertion shaft to eliminate material dead angle;
3. The front and back sides of the barrel has cleaning holes, which is convenient for the high pressure water gun to thoroughtly clean the inside of  mixer barrel. It is also equipped with a special interface for hot air blower, which can achieve the purpose of fast drying.
4. The equipment is easy to operate, and the double motion superposition mixing principle greatly improves the mixing uniformity and improves the product quality.
After communication with customers, customers give greatly affirmed to our double motion 3D mixers; Some customers carry materials for field experiments. After the mixing experiment, the experiment results are very good, and the mixed problems is solved. Pharmaceutical powder mixer is a new high efficiency 3D mixer suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.