Diamond material powder mixer machine

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Superhard materials mixing are mainly diamond and cubic boron nitride. Diamond is currently known as the harder substance in the world. C60 may be as hard as diamond, but it has not been determined, CBN hardness is second only to diamond. The hardness of these two superhard materials is much higher than the hardness of other materials, including corundum(for abrasive materials), silicon carbide, hard alloys(for cutting tools) and high-speed steel etc. Therefore,  diamond materials powder mixing are tools used to manufacture other materials, especially in processing of hard materials, which has superior advantages and occupy irreplaceable important position. Because of this, superhard materials have been widely used in industry. In addition to being used to make tools, superhard materials have some special properties in optical, electrical, and thermal properties and are an important functional material, which has attracted people's high attention, this aspect of performance and use are constantly being researched and developed. The application of superhard material tools involves various production processes. among which powder mixing is a key factor in product quality. What kind of mixing equipment is selected determine the quality and good application of the finished product.

According to the current application of superhard materials, diamond or cubic boron nitride micropowder is mainly used to manufacture diamond chips and grinding discs. However, these tools are not only manufactured by relying on a single diamond material, but must be mixed with other metals or resin materials to make effective use of these superhard materials. This process requires that the superhard material powder should be mixed and processed. Only when the materials is mixed evenly that the superhard tool produced is durable and not easily damaged. However, according to the single principle of traditional mixer, it is often impossible to solve a series of mixing problems such as light and heavy powder and trace element addition in the process of diamond material mixing. The reason why this is analyzed from the root of mixing principle, the traditional mixer machine mixing principle is mostly single gravity diffusion mixing or mechanical forced mixing, the former uses space convection to mix, the latter uses mechanical energy to force mixing, in which case, trace elements are often difficult to mix into the main powder.
According to the production demand of the superhard industry, we recommend the use of double motion mixing equipment designed and developed by Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This double motion mixer machine barrel itself is 360 degrees without dead angle and using space convection to mix, a set of full size blade is built inside the barrel to force the shear mixing of the material. Make full use of the two mixing principles and superposition and mixing, which not only greatly improves the mixing quality, but also shortens the mixing time and reduces the production cost for the enterprise. In the case of improved mixing uniformity, precise control of the product is achieved, the quality of the product is guaranteed, and the core competitiveness of the product is improved.