Highly efficient 3D mixer for chemical powders

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In the china early days of limited design and manufacture capabilities, for chemical powder mixing, in the case of less stringent process requirements is mainly a trough mixer and a double cone mixer. The two type mixer are based on  two principles. The trough mixer is a forced mixing mixer, the double cone mixer is a gravity diffusion mixer, and high efficiency mixers are required in face of high precision requirements or advanced processes. The new double motion 3D mixer is an efficient mixing equipment for chemical and other powder mixing.
Faced with simple chemical mixing requirements, both equipment have their own advantages, and the disadvantages are obvious in an industry. For example, the tank mixer is used in the powder mixing can achieve so-called continuous feeding, and easy to clean. However, the accompanying disadvantage is low efficiency, there are dead angle and residues at the bottom and the ends, and the powder is not evenly distributed in all parts of the mixer, so that the effect of high efficiency and uniformity cannot be achieved. 
The double cone mixer can be large sized, suitable for batch production, and can meet certain mixing requirements, the disadvantage is low mixing accuracy and large energy consumption.
With the increasing demand in the chemical industry, the process technology is more refined, and more energy saving and emission reduction is needed, so the high efficient 3D mixer of modern chemical industry becomes more needed. More advanced and applicable is the double motion 3D mixer, this 3D mixer uses a high-end brand motor and two sets of motion mixing devices, which can achieve simultaneous rotation of the barrel blades to achieve a perfect combination of gravity diffusion and forced agitation, so that all kinds of powders can be mixed evenly.
The new 3D mixer is much higher uniform than the trough mixer and the double cone mixer, short mixing time, it is important is the fully automated supporting process, which reduce manual participation, program control  operation, convenient and fast, and can achieve large scale and fine mixing of materials, make the whole products are mixed evenly and the details are mixed fully. The large open end structure is more conducive to cleaning and meets the requirements of the chemical industry.