Special mixing advantages of horizontal mixer machine

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The high efficiency horizontal mixer for medium and low speed mixing equipment, the material does not rotate up and down with the trough mixer during the operation, but the barrel runs 360 degrees in all directions along the cross shaft. Thereby driving the omnidirectional mixing of the powder, achieving convection and mixing of free flowing material. At the same time, the internal blade assembly and the barrel are operated at different rotation speeds and different directions, realizing the shear forced mixing of various powders. This kind of mixer achieves high efficiency mixing and ensures stable operation of the equipment, not easy to malfunction, and low maintenance cost. This is a double movement horizontal mixer.
The horizontal mixer is highly efficient in its advanced mixing principle and efficient mixing technology, as well as its high quality components. The equipment has a horizontal structure and has the advantages of stable operation, safe operation, simple structure, compactness, small footprint, low noise, small dust, easy installation and maintenance, and low kinetic energy consumption etc. Due to the advanced mixing technology, the barrel movement and the blade movement superimpose and mix the materials, so that the double movement horizontal mixer can generate huge economic benefits while improving the mixing quality. 

Special mixing advantages of high efficiency horizontal mixer machine:
1). Loading rate can reach more than 85%, which is about 50% higher than the load of traditional mixers;
2). Efficient motion superimposed mixing, mixing time is reduced 60% compared with traditional mixers;
3). Due to its reasonable structure and advanced operating principle, its power consumption is small, and its motor configuration is reduced by about 30% compared with ordinary mixers.
4). High mixing efficiency, high mixing uniformity, materials move in multiple directions,mixing without any dead angle.
5). High loading rate and small equipment size, saving space while mixing efficiently.