The magical effect of new type mixer machine

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In powder mixing, the choice of mixer always needs to consider a lot, the three dimensional mixer commonly used in the industry are also not aecessarily suitable, the operation principle of the three dimensional mixer is that two rocker arms do multiple directiones movement through rapid acceleration. If powder's specific gravity is relatively large and long mixing time, the force on the rocker arm will be increased, the rocker arm will break, the bearing will also increase the wear, and it is easy to cause injury accidents. Therefore, for safety considerations,the requird of various enterprises to choose a safer mixer, but at the same time, it needs a good mixing effect. With the advent of the double movement mixer, the horizontal structure is adopted, not only the safety is guaranteed, but also the new mixer adopts the three dimensional motion mode, which runs at a constant speed and runs more smoothly. The mixing efficient and uniformity is higher.

The new mixer machine adds a forced mixing blade inside the barrel of the 3D mixer, which drives the blade to rotates and stirring the materials, the barrel also in multi-dimensional operation, so that the mixture has no dead angle and it can solve the problem of light and heavy powder, the rotating blade in the barrel can force the light powder to be stirred into the heavy powder to achieve the desired mixing uniformity. The advanced operating principle of double motion superimposed mixing can easily mix larger specific gravity powders, and the uniformity can be guaranteed. By experiments, both the machine barrel and internal blades are running, which can save 60% mixing time compared with the mixing machine without blades. The capacity is twice as much as that of the three dimensional mixer, and the uniformity is increased several times.
Due to the high mixing efficiency of the new mixer, it is especially suitable for mixing materials with high mixing uniformity, such as medicine, food industry, etc. Especially suitable for the mixing fine powder, ultrafine powder, large difference in specific gravity, harden particles and powder containing fiber.

The new type mixer fully meets various powder mixing requirements, bringing magical effects for all kinds of powder mixing. When mixing powder or granular materials, Highly efficiency is the double movement mixer of Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. Whether you have mixed troubles or not, Its not wrong to choose a new double movement mixer machine. Because the equipment has high mixing efficiency, high container loading rate, short mixing time, more energy saving and environmental protection, good mixing quality, no dead angle, short discharge time, no residue.