How to choose a ceramic powder mixer machine

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Ceramic refers to the material made from clay as the main raw material and various natural minerals through crushing, kneading, molding and calcining. The material that is made of a kind of clay and burned at a high temperature in a special kiln is called ceramic, ceramics are the general term for pottery and porcelain. The traditional concept of ceramics refers to all artificial industrial products that use inorganic non-metallic minerals such as clay .It's various articles consists of made of clay or mixture of clay by mixing, forming and calcining. It ranges from rough earthenware to fine pottery and porcelain. It's main raw material is the silicate minerals (such as clay, quartz, etc.) taken from nature. Therefore, it belongs to the category of “silicate industry” together with glass, cement, enamel and refractory materials. Especially in recent years, people are increasingly demanding ceramic materials, all kinds of new ceramic materials have also begun to appear gradually, and have appeared in various industries. In this case, In this case, high uniformity mixing of the ceramic powder is higher and higher, so the mixing technology of the ceramic powder is also required more and more strict, the application of new nanometer powders on ceramic materials increases mixing difficult. These light and heavy powders, trace elements, and fake particles etc mixed problems have once seriously plagued ceramic enterprises. How to mix ceramic powder? How to choose the mixer for nanometer powder? It was once a problem for the industry. 

Most of ceramic manufacturers are mixed with traditional mixer represented by double cone mixerhorizontal plough mixer, v type mixer, and three dimensional mixer. However, such mixers often rely solely on the rotating barrel of the blade to rely on forced agitation to achieve material mixing, or the remote movement of the barrel itself relies on the gravity diffusion of the material itself to achieve mixing. These mixers are often time-consuming, inefficient, and energy-intensive, increased production costs, poor mixing uniformity, can not help companies achieve competitive advantages of similar products.
Because of the defects of the traditional mixer design, it is difficult to mix well. The double movement mixer designed and developed by Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. combines the advantages of various traditional mixers to realize the barrel of material without dead angle at 360 degrees, while the full size blade is built for forced shear mixing. In a mixing process, two sets of mixing principles are superimposed and mixed, achieving breakthroughs in the loading rate, material mixing uniformity, saving mixing time, energy saving and environmental protection. It can fully meet the various mixing requirements of ceramic powder industry and high-tech industry, and it is a mixer with higher mixing performance and higher efficiency in powder mixing.