Advantages of self heating food additive mixer machine

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The application of double movement mixing equipment in the food additive mixer industry has been mature and extensive. No matter which industry, which mixing problem can be solved by double movement mixing equipment. 
Today we are going to talk about the application of this advanced mixing equipment in a new type mixer machine of food industry,which is the application advantage in the self heating food industry.

Have you ever eaten self heating hotpot or self heating food? There is no need to use electricity, no need to use fire, just a bottle of water, you can get a delicious hot pot or hot rice. While self heating hot pot is divided into three layers, the upper layer is a cover with an air outlet, the middle layer is for all kinds of various food materials, and the lower layer is for water and heating package. The core technical principle depend on this heat pack, which is the heat source of self heating food. The manufacturers used ingredients in the heating package are different, but the main components are very similar, composed of calcium oxide, aluminum powder, sodium carbonate, activated carbon, salt, quicklime, etc. In order to ensure stable heating performance and lasting heating time, the ratio and accuracy of mixing is required. This is the self heating food special mixing machine----double movement mixer machine

Only the self heating material package with good quality can heat up time quickly and keep long time warm,some good manufacturer can make the material temperature reach 90 degrees in 7 minutes and keep warm for 13 minutes. In order to ensure the excellent quality of the products, these self heating material package manufacturers have made a lot of efforts in the mixing process, because the uniform distribution of materials determines the consistency of  products and the quality of  finished products.
Older manufacturers use v type machines and double cone machines. This is controlled by the technology of the mixer. Now the old manufacturers are gradually phasing out the v type machine and the double cone machine, and starting to choose double movement mixing machine.
These manufacturers has done many comparisons, found that double movement mixing equipment is an advanced mixing equipment. While the barrel is rotating, a set of internal full size blades is also rotating and stirring. This results in a double movement mixer that is twice as loading as traditional equipment, save half the mixing time and one third space.