An extraordinary three dimensional mixer to solve more powder problems

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       In the mixing equipment, the three dimensional mixer is a mixing equipment that we all agree is good, running without dead ends, all the material in the barrel can be mixed. Advantages of running without dead ends, you can mix powder properties close to the material; shortcomings is a long mixing time, less loading, equipment is not big, can not mix heavy materials, the most important is the mixing uniformity is not high, uneven mixing of light and light , Fake particles can not be opened and so on. So, how to solve the light, heavy powder mixed uneven, what kind of mixer mixing even higher?
       Three dimensional mixer operation principle is that the two rockets through the rapid acceleration to do multi-directional movement, if mixed with metal powder for a long time will increase the rocker arm force, rocker arm fracture will occur, the bearings will increase wear. If in the three-dimensional mixer barrel can be equipped with a mandatory mixing blades, stirring blade rotation drive material, the barrel and multi dimensional operation, so that the mixed material without dead spots can solve the problem of light weight, bucket barrel rotation can be light Powder forced mixing to heavy powder, to achieve the desired mixing uniformity. Through the experiment, the mixer and the internal vanes are in operation, the mixer can save about 50% -70% of the mixing time without the vane mixer, and the evenness reaches the theoretical value.