Double-motion horizontal mixer to watch food and additives mixed puzzle

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      Double-motion horizontal mixer (hereinafter referred to as horizontal mixer) is a new type of high-efficiency powder mixing equipment developed by our company. It has been widely used in the food and additives industries and received favorable comments. The main reason is that the dual-motion mixer is a device that can solve the high requirements of food additives and is a good choice for the high-end customers in the food and additives industries that require high mixing.
         There are many, but not all, suitable mixers for the selection of food and additives, and very few mixing equipment that can meet some of the highest levels of sophistication. So the choice of mixer has always been a dilemma in the industry. Not because of too many devices and can not choose. The main reason is because it is hard to find the horizontal mixer that you really need in many mixing devices.
      The dual-motion horizontal mixer is not only widely used in the food and additives industries with a variety of high uniformity of powder mixing, but also widely used in medicine, pesticides, plastics, rubber, fertilizers, building materials, concrete admixtures, Solid-liquid (ie, powder and powder) mixing, solid-liquid (ie, a small amount of powder is added in the powder), salt, feed additives, dyes, metallurgy, mining, superhard materials, fine chemicals and new materials industries, Liquid) mixing, and the need for packaging molding, weighed weighing and other composite process, is a strong adaptability, versatile multi-purpose mixing equipment.
        The horizontal mixer meets the mixing needs in the food and additives industries that require high levels of mixing. Such as the requirements of mixing uniformity, the requirements of the mixing efficiency, the mixing time, the requirements of the mixer loading, the volume of the mixer and so on. At this moment, we need to use a dual-motion horizontal mixer with high efficiency, energy-saving, power-on and money-saving. This is a premium, efficient, energy-efficient mixer that combines two motion-superimposed hybrid technologies that solve the powder mixing problem in the industry. Want to solve a variety of powder mixing problems, the election gold combined sports double mixer.