Innovative technology mixer manufacturers to meet the high uniform requirements

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     Medicine and additives industries have high requirements on the mixer and the mixing process, mainly including: the mixing bucket should be easy to clean. After the final cleaning, the inner wall of the mixing bucket must have no visible marks and the cleanliness after cleaning is the chemical residue Content of not more than 0.1ug / g. Therefore, the industry can not meet the general mixer high requirements, and only professional mixer manufacturers to produce such a high-end mixing equipment.
         Jinhe double action is such a professional mixer manufacturers, dual-motion mixer with high-quality stainless steel, with the brand motor, stable performance, and for food additives and pharmaceutical industry set a large opening warehouse door, easy to open, easy to clean. Dual-motion superposition of hybrid technology, bringing a new concept of mixed powder, significantly improve the mixing efficiency, to solve a variety of mixing problems! Jinhe Double Action Double Mixer is a state-of-the-art Jinhe double-action mixing equipment. The idea is to rotate the mixer drum to mix the materials while allowing the built-in full-size blades to be independent Rotation, in different directions, different speeds on the material stack mixed. Thus greatly improving the mixing efficiency. This hybrid concept and device implementation is a pioneering move!
      Powder mixing powder leakage phenomenon is the concern of all powder manufacturers, especially some expensive materials, the precious metals industry and pharmaceutical preparations industry more stringent requirements. Such as high-end ceramic materials used in the mixer bucket in operation requires no leakage phenomenon, once the leakage will cause significant losses. At the same time, the material in the mixer which is in contact with the material should be resistant to corrosion and not to chemically change or adsorb material with the high requirement materials such as ceramic materials and medicines.
        Dual-motion mixer is not only a high-technology mixing equipment provided by professional mixer manufacturers, but also a representative equipment of high-end hybrid manufacturing. The use of advanced dual-motion mixing principle, mixing more efficient and uniform, the powder industry is a professional mixer manufacturers, and industry needs for research and development and manufacturing purposes, the company "technology and quality" as its mission to the forefront of mixed machinery and equipment technology Research, manufacturing, focusing on product quality upgrades, focusing on end-user needs. Our main products are dual-movement powder mixer, double-movement medicine powder mixer and dual-movement food additive mixer, which take the mainstream products of developed countries in Europe and the United States as the entry point, and guide the development of the domestic new-type three-dimensional mixer technology.