Double motion 3D mixing machine and the unique combination of tec

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        The dry powder 3D mixer to be talked about today is not only used for mixing applications in the production of fertilizers, feedstuffs, food additives, etc., but also for the mixing of powder particles in various other industries. This is because the powder mix has developed into a very comprehensive and interdisciplinary, cross-industry and highly technical science. Its applications include materials, metallurgy, chemical engineering, mining, machinery, construction, food, pharmaceuticals, energy, electronics, Environmental engineering and many other fields, so it involves the mixing of powder in all fields. For fertilizers, chemicals, powder metallurgy and other industries on the weight difference between the larger powder mixing, selection of high quality dual-motion three-dimensional mixer is also able to fully realize the material quickly and evenly mixed.
        An excellent 3D blender goes beyond mixing ordinary powders and challenging some high-end, new-style and even mixing powder mixes to be a good mix of equipment to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Reflect the progress of science and technology research and development. Double sports 3D mixer is such an unusual road mixing equipment. Its unique technology, perfect structure, high end performance and docking perfect upstream and downstream configuration make it widely used in the field of mixing.
       Adopting unique double motion superposition mixing and three-dimensional swinging and translational rotation principle, continuous mixing of materials from different levels and surfaces enables all kinds of powder to produce excellent mixing effect. For different proportion and different particle size Several materials can also be quickly and evenly mixed, the uniformity of up to 99.999%. The double-motion three-dimensional mixer is easy to use. The eccentric flexible structure of the driven shaft makes the mixing bucket operate extremely flexibly and the equipment has no vibration, thereby improving the service life of each component, effectively reducing the working noise and low working noise.
         Jinhe brand dual-motion 3D mixer with energy efficient, more uniform mixing of powder, save time and save the material. At the same time than the average mixer such as V type mixer, high output, high uniformity, higher energy efficiency, product quality, easy maintenance, wide range of applications and other characteristics to meet the modern needs of a variety of powder mixing.