Friction material for the new 3D mixer

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    Friction material applications and brake pads, clutches, brake pads for braking, clutch plates for transmission, mechanical braking and transmission of the main material, due to its important application, but also the need for high-end production technology, including hybrid technology Is also crucial, the choice of friction materials for the new three-dimensional mixer to ensure product quality.
         Application of Friction Materials: Friction material for powder metallurgy mainly refers to a mixture of metal powder and non metal powder. It is a new material made by forming and sintering. It is a kind of new material which is used in power machinery and performs friction by friction And transmission features of the parts material. It mainly includes the brake lining (brake pads) and clutch pads (clutch pads). Practical application: For example, a brake pad friction material schematic diagram and microstructure (as shown below), the friction material is mainly used to achieve braking or torque from one shaft to another shaft.
Friction material preparation: Preparation of friction materials are mainly raw material selection, powder stick, pressing, sintering, of which the most important is the mixing of powder materials, powder mixing in two ways, one is the ingredients together Directly into the 3D mixer mixing; the second is the mixture according to a certain sequence of step by step and then mixed into the mixer. No matter which way you choose to mix, want to achieve efficient and uniform mixing results need to choose a new type of three-dimensional mixer, which is dedicated dual motion mixing equipment.
      Friction material for the new 3D mixer is a dual-motion three-dimensional mixer series, the efficient mixing process, advanced structure, easy operation, safe and reliable operation, ad hoc two sets of drive systems, respectively, driven by bucket movement and internal blade high-speed movement, Double movement of materials superimposed mixed. The first set of drive system: a direct drive outside the body rotating rotary cylinder in the work is along the oblique rotation axis of rotation, one can eliminate the cylinder "bottom" of the material dead; two tube material can be left and right, up and down convection directly involved in mixing . The dual movement series of three-dimensional mixer mixing speed, and the quality is uniform, especially the proportion of the mixture of the disparity is better than the disparity of the material more appropriate.