The new horizontal mixer to solve the problem of mixed trace elements should not

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       In the powder metallurgy industry, the main powder determines the product quality, trace elements determine the product performance, according to different requirements, different products, the amount of trace elements added in the formula, add time, add the order is also different, but the ultimate goal and pursuit Mixed, choose how the horizontal mixer to achieve the purpose of mixing has become a powder metallurgy industry issues.
        Trace elements due to low participation percentage, and the proportion of the main powder, the particle size difference is relatively large, resulting in the material should not be mixed evenly, but also the trace elements can not be evenly distributed to the main powder which ordinary horizontal mixer is difficult to solve such problems, This requires the addition of a new mixing process, which is the new horizontal mixer.
        Common status of trace elements in the mixing container is floating in the upper, attached to the container wall, unite in the main powder should not be opened, which requires improvement of the mixing process. For example, to improve the mixing process, you can use the same amount of incremental methods to add materials to achieve the purpose of mixing the average price, or change the delivery time of trace elements, to solve the amount, but generally low efficiency and increase labor costs.