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JHX3000 automatic feeding and discharging system

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Due to the large size of large  food powder mixer machine, in the actual production process, workers on the material, unloading labor intensity is very high, but also need to build the operating platform, in particular, the difficulty of operation is more difficult. In the process of the automation of the  food powder mixer, the large double motion  food powder mixer has solved these problems, and only one person can operate it, reduce the risk of operation, save the cost and management cost, improve the production efficiency.

Specific principles are as follows:

Through the PLC program and frequency converter to adjust the speed, so that the operation of the material in the bucket in the appropriate position to slow down, higher positioning accuracy, better buffer performance. Electric telescopic cylinder, no gas source, running more reliable; independent research and development on the interface of the spring pressing device, sealing effect is better; photoelectric switch sensor, more sensitive.

1.Automatic JHX3000 liter food powder mixer charging and discharging port:

2.Automatic JHX3000 liter  food powder mixer charging system:

Two large fertilizer mixer followed the double movement mixing process of JINHE company, after the company's Technology Department of painstaking research and development, processing, production process, to overcome the difficulties, made in 2013 officially put into operation a large double movement dry powder mixing machine.