JINHE horizontal efficient mixing machine has higher mixture uniformity

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There are many mixing machines in the industry, and the JINHE horizontal efficient mixing machine  is mainly forced shear mixing mixer, its representative models: single cone double spiral, double sports horizontal mixing machine, etc.Among them, dual sports horizontal hybrid machine is the most common hybrid equipment in the industry, but according to its application scope and function, here mainly refers to whether the internal blade blade structure or different and distinguish.
Dual motion horizontal mixer has different blade composition, and its excellent mixing process determines the mixing effect.
Dual sports horizontal mixer is a new type of mixing equipment in the dry powder mixing industry. The equipment adopts the internal multi-layer blade design to realize the internal shear and convection mixing of materials, to realize the mixing of some novel materials, high difference and high proportion materials, and to solve some mixing problems in the industry.Of course, it is also better than an ordinary mixer, which can meet all kinds of mixing needs.Mainly used for dry powder, putty, medicine, cosmetics, food additives, food, chemicals, feed, building materials, metal materials, ceramics, refractory materials, magnetic powder and other solid-solid (namely powder and powder), solid-slurry (i. e., powder and colloidal slurry) mixing, especially suitable for dry powder or semi-dry powder material mixing.
In the powder mixing industry, the efficient double motion horizontal mixing machine is not affected by the performance of materials (such as particle size, density, liquidity, powder viscosity, etc.), and has the mixing effect of very good in the powder mixing.
Double sports horizontal mixer needs high process structure to achieve efficient mix, to solve the problem of various mixing in the industry, to adapt to the raw materials of all walks of life mixed production, to drive the development of industrial modernization, to contribute to the development of China, double sports series of horizontal mixer is such a hybrid equipment.