Application of dual movement mixer in the food additive industry

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The main role of food additives: to prevent deterioration, improve the senses, maintain nutrition, convenient supply, convenient processing and other roles.Food additives are mostly mixtures, from a single material through a refined mixer of various formulas to make the finished product, so as to achieve a raw material for the food production.Mixed uniformity directly affects the physical properties of some food additives and their role in food.For example: the antioxidant properties of food additives, coloring force, adding ability, preservative, preservation and other characteristics will change with the uniformity of the material, the more uniform the mixing, the better the performance of the additives, so the mixing uniformity is very high.
Traditional mixer such as gravity diffusion mixer (V mixer, 3 D mixer, double cone mixer, etc.) can only achieve roughly uniformity and not very high uniformity, if there are trace element mixing problem and heavy powder problem, false particle problem cannot be solved; because gravity to force powder up and down, left and right, front and back convection diffusion movement, there is no forced local shear open scattered, cannot reach fine uniformity.Although the forced shear mixing mixer (horizontal screw, single cone double helix, etc.) can shear and open to make the local powder uniform, there is no large range of convection diffusion movement, and can not reach the macroscopic uniformity of all materials.
The dual motion mixing process has both the convective diffusion motion of all powder and the internal forced shear motion, which can reach the macroscopic uniformity and the microscopic uniformity of diffusion distribution between powder and powder.All the advantages of the traditional mixer can not only solve various mixing problems, but also achieve material refinement and uniformity, the uniformity can be up to 99%, and the efficiency is more than 3 times faster than the traditional mixer.