Special mixing equipment for advanced diamond tools

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At present, the diamond tool mixing equipment on the market mainly includes double motion mixing equipment, double cone mixer, V mixer, a small amount of double screw mixer and three-dimensional mixer.
 For more than 50 years, these diamond tools are widely used in double cone mixing and V mixer, and are also the longest used mixer.
 Diamond tool industry technology has been updated countless technologies, but diamond tool mixer has been using decades ago mixing technology, diamond tool mixing problem is the mixing of light and heavy powder uniform, The principle of motion of two-cone mixer and V mixer is to rely solely on space, diffusion and mixing by material's own weight, low efficiency, low material uniformity, light powder and heavy powder evenly.
Advanced diamond tools special mixing equipment in Jinhe double action! zui advanced diamond tool mixer, launched in 2001, is a dual-motion mixer, which is due to the application of mixing problems encountered by the industry. The purpose of the dual-motion diamond tool mixer is to solve the problem that light and heavy powder is not easy to mix, improve material mixing efficiency, reduce mixing time and increase material loading. This mixer not only has the diffusion mixing process of other models, the most important thing is to add the stirring blade inside the barrel, can achieve the forced mixing process, can easily carry the light powder into the heavy powder, and these two kinds of mixing superposition motion, realize the high efficiency and high quality mixing of the material. This dual motion mixing process, that is, a power system driving two sets of motion systems, has been patented by the state. This is Zhengzhou Jinhe Powder Technology Co., Ltd. produced a patent double-motion mixing equipment. As soon as the hybrid equipment came out, it was favored by diamond tool customers, such as Yellow River Cyclone, Central South Diamond, Quanzhou Zhongzhi, Quanzhou Wanlong, Quanzhou Tianshiyuan, Jiangxi Chaofeng, Jiangsu Fengtai and hundreds of diamond customers.\