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Brief introduction of ball grinding mill


Liquid nitrogen planetary ball mill is a necessary device for mixing,fine grinding,small samples prepared,dispersion of nanometer,R&D of new product and small batch production for high tech materials.

The equipment with small volume,comprehensive function,high efficiency,low noise which is the ideal device of obtaining micro-particle research samples used for research and development institute,collages and universities,entire laboratory.

The samples could be ground under vacuum state with using the vacuum ball mill jars.

It is widely used in geology,mineral,metallurgy,electronic,building material,ceramic,

chemical,light industry,medicine,beauty,environment production,tea and so on.

According to the processing requirement to set the rotation speed and alternate time of forward and reversal rotation and set the total grinding time.Temperature controlled grinding 0.4l,1l,2l,4l,8l planetary ball mill laboratory price for sale/ball grinding mill



Ball mill features

1.Small volume, structure using thickened steel plate, shell using thickened plate, vibration resistance, smooth, sound insulation, safety, internal and external spray-paint treatment;

2.Adopt patent technology of oil seal and noise-reducing material to reduce noise and improve comfort.

3.Automatic processing, no need to debug, simple to use, practical and comprehensive function

4.Low power, low loss, low cost, low fault

5.European standard conical drive wheel, European standard electrical parts and circuit design, brand inverter, electric and other high standard accessories to ensure quality and service life;

6.The impact energy is strong, the discharge is more uniform, the precision is higher, the crushing ability is stronger, the granularity of the sample is finer and the processing speed is faster.

7.Can set grinding time, intermittent time, movement direction, movement speed, and has power loss memory, emergency stop, overload protection function

8.Long service life, strong safety, can meet the requirements of long time and high strength experiment.

9.Different volume of ball mill can be universal, to increase the quality of sample treatment and an interval of granularity.

10.Stainless steel, nylon, polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene, zirconia agate and other more than 10 different materials of ball milling tank to provide a choice, grinding samples more extensive;

11.Samples can be dry and wet grinding, and can be equipped with vacuum ball mill tank for vacuum grinding, pressurized mill, inert gas grinding. Temperature controlled grinding 0.4l,1l,2l,4l,8l planetary ball mill laboratory price for sale/ball grinding mill

Parameter Show 

Model Power Voltage  frequency conversion  Ball mill Jar Vacuum Jar Rotation Speed r/min Noise
KW     power KW Revolution Rotation ≤db(A)
     (adjustable)  (adjustable)  
JHMB0.4L 220V  50HZ 0.55 0.4 100ml no 30-450 60-900 ≤60db
JHMB-1L 220V  50HZ 0.75 0.55 250ml 100ml 30-450 60-900 ≤60db
JHMB-2L 220V  50HZ 1.1 0.75 500ml 250ml 30-400 60-800 ≤60db
JHMB-4L 220V  50HZ 1.1 0.75 1L 500ml 30-400 60-800 ≤60db
JHMB-8L 220V  50HZ 1.5 1.5 2L 2L 30-280 60-560 ≤60db
JHMB-12L 380V 50HZ 1.5 2.2 3L 3L 30-260 60-520 ≤60db
JHMB-16L 380V 51HZ 3 4 4L 4L 30-230 60-460 ≤60db
JHMB-20L 380V 52HZ 3 4 5L 5L 30-230 60-460 ≤60db
JHMB-40L 380V 53HZ 3 4 10L 10L 30-180 60-360 ≤90db
JHMB-60L 380V 54HZ 4 5.5 15L 15L 30-170 60-340 ≤90db
JHMB-80L 380V 55HZ 7.5 7.5 20L 20L 30-160 60-320 ≤90db
JHMB-100L 380V 56HZ 11 11 25L 25L 30-160 60-320 ≤90db