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How to install the die of the rotary tablet press

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The rotary tablet press has the advantages of simple appearance, light weight, small size and no space. The thickness of the tablet, the pressure, and the speed of the tablet can be adjusted at will according to the requirements of customers. It is currently widely used in the fields of pharmacy and food.

In the process of using the rotary tablet press, how to correctly install the die of the tablet press is a lot of users need to understand. Before installing the die of the tablet press, the hopper, powder feeder, feeder frame and other parts should be removed, and the working surface, die hole and the installed die of the turntable should be wiped clean one by one, and the preparations should be made according to the following Steps to install.

To install the middle mold device, you need to fasten the screw on the middle mold on the turntable. Do not put the middle mold into the head of the screw. The middle mold device is very tight, and it should be flat when placed. Punch through the upper hole, use a hammer to gently drive in. When the middle mold enters the die hole, its plane can not be higher than the turntable plane is qualified, and then tighten the screws.

To install the upper punching device, insert the tongue on the notch of the upper guide plate, apply some vegetable oil to the tail of the middle rod, insert it into the hole one by one, rotate the punch with your fingers, and check that the head enters the middle mold up and down and rotates flexibly, and If there is no hard rubbing phenomenon, it is qualified, and the tongue should be pulled down after all installations.

Install the lower punch device, pull open the small door on the main body, and install it from the round hole of the main body. The installation method is the same as that of the upper punch. After installation, the disc must be flat.

After the punching die is all installed, the removed parts need to be installed in the original position, turn the handwheel to rotate the turntable for 1-2 revolutions, observe the upper and lower punches into the middle die hole and move on the curve guide, it must be flexible and free of collision and hard rub Phenomenon, start the electric motor, let the empty car run for 2-3 minutes, and then it can be put into production smoothly and normally.

When installing the feeder, install the feeder on the feeder support frame, then screw on the knurled screw, and then adjust the adjusting screw to make the gap between the bottom surface of the feeder and the table surface of the turntable be 0.05 ~ 0.1 mm, tighten the knurled Screw, adjust the height of the squeegee so that the bottom plane is flush with the working surface of the turntable. Tighten the screws.

In addition to the correct installation of the rotary tablet press, the adjustment of the filling volume, tablet thickness (pressure), powder delivery volume, etc., and the choice of speed are all particular about. Before using the rotary tablet press, you must make the correct installation and debugging preparations, and operate the equipment according to the specifications to ensure the qualified production.