Technical consultation:

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1.The number of pellet counted can be arbitrarily set up among 0-9999.
2.Stainless steel material for whole machine body can meet with GMP specification. 
3.Easy to operate and no special training required . 
4.Precision pellet count with special electrical eye protection.
5.Rotary counting design with fast and smooth operation. 
6.The rotary pellet counting speed can be adjusted with stepless according to the bottle putting speed manually . 
7.The interior of the machine is quipped with dust cleaner to avoid the dust effect on the machine. 
8.Vibration feeding design, the vibration frequency of the particle hopper can be adjusted with stepless based on the needs of the medical pellet out put .

Product parameter:

Model YL-2A  YL-2  YL-4
Voltage  110-220V 50hz-60hz 110-220V 50hz-60hz 110-220V 50hz-60hz
Power 0.1KW  0.15KW  0.15KW
Output  500-1000 pcs/min  1000-1800 pcs/min  2000-3500 pcs/min
Size 440*370*580mm  810*720*840mm  920*740*880mm
Weight  20kg  65kg  78kg

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Widely Usage:

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TDP1.5 .jpgTDP-2 (4).jpgTHDP-3(800).jpg

TDP1.5 Tablet press machine         TDP2 press with speed control  TDP3 30KN (6mm-15mm)

3.jpgTHDP-5 (1).jpgDP-60A .jpg

TDP5(50KN)/TDP6(60KN) 120kg    THDP5(50KN) 75kg                        DP60A(60KN)  85kg


ZP5/7/9(50KN/60KN) rotary press   JHT5/10/20 lab powder mixer     JHV V powder mixe