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\Why need use glove box when doing lab?
In a scientific experiment, some substances easily oxidized and deliquescence at atmospheric conditions, which makes the chemical reaction of the test substance and pre-processing of the sample is very difficult, affecting the test procedures and test results.
A vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas operation box) solve these problems effectively. The equipment allows the test samples to be able to into and removed securely, and can operate,react and test freely in the state of anaerobic anhydrous. It ensures the normal operation of scientific experiments.

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Main Application

1>. In cooperation with scientific research units in the experimental work of low-energy radioactive substances,aseptic operation of microorganism inoculation and chemical qualitative and quantitative analysis and other closed isolation operations can be carried out in the operation box.
2>. It need to in a protective atmosphere for processing used in biochemical, metallurgical, electronic, chemical, geological, mineral, medicine, magnetic materials, equipment batteries, biological cultivation, food packaging, battery materials and so on . 
3>. It is the ideal device for institutions of higher learning, research institutes, enterprises laboratory to carry out scientific experiments.

6.pngMain Features  

1) Two transition boxes is unique design in the market. It guarantee the working environment in the studio,save protection atmosphere and operating time
2) he entire cabinet is made of stainless steel,which corrosion resistant and easy to clean,no pollution.
3) The visual window is wide,clear and bright.
4) There is a porous electrical socket in the glove box,which is convenient to scientific experiments
5) Can be equipped with electric furnace in the box for partial heating.
6) Operating gloves are reliable and sealed with thick latex gloves;


Optional configure

Vacuum pump, electric furnace. It is also acceptable to customize on your demand.


1.Vacuum degree: Only to achieve a certain degree of vacuum,which will ensure that the atmosphere in the box to meet the requirements.

2.Holding time:Only to reach a certain negative pressure and keep a certain time is, which will verify the seal of the box to meet the requirements.


Technical Parameters

Model Specification Demension of  Dimension of  Rack Glove round  weight Stainless steel  Tray in the 
 (mm) L*D*H transition room smaller transition  door diameter (kg) thickness transition
  (mm) room(mm)        room
JHI-S1 600*450*500 Φ200*270 no no Φ145mm 120 6mm no
JHI-S2 800*600*700 Φ280*350 no one Φ200mm 230 6mm no
JHI-S3 1200*700*900 Φ340*400 Φ120*160 one Φ200mm 330 6mm yes
Model Vacuum  Vacuum  Power Lamp Valve Configuration Dimension  weight  Gas
degree in  degree in  of the visual 
operation  transition  window
room room  
JHI-S1 -0.1Mpa -0.1Mpa 10A  One  Two admission valve        60*30 130kg Ar
220V removable  Two outlet valve  He
  lamp    Ni 
JHI-S2       75*40 230kg Purity
JHI-S3       120*50 350kg 99.99%



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Packaging & Shipping

The Chemical lab glove box will be packaged by Wooden box, also can be packaged according to your requirement.Chemical lab glove box.jpg

Company Information

Zhengzhou JinHe Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for mixing machine. We are an ambitious company with personality and strong ability in R&D. The double movement mixing principle that we proposed has greatly improved efficiency and save more energy. At present 3 series mixing machines that we have created all have independent intellectual property rights and national patent rights. Our innovative mixing principle is considered at the forefront of mixing technology!

Chemical lab glove box.png



When ordering,please pay attention to the following points:


1.It is latex gloves or rubber gloves on the equipment, which cannot able to high temperature and corrosion resistance. If need ,please contact the salesman.

2.The vacuum pump should be selected according to the selected glove box type.

3.There is no pallet in the stx-1.stx-2 transition box and there is a pallet in the stx-3 transition box.

4.Please don’t be confused that the thickness of stainless steel plate is 6mm in our company, and some other factories is only 3mm.

5.The total weight 130-350kg of the each finished product is belong to heavy cargo,which need to prepare the carry labor or forklift when equipment arrived.

6.The dimension of the laboratory door should be stx1 ≥ 70 stx-2 / stx-3 ≥ 90 cm.

7. If need to put into some equipment in the box,you should be check if the door of the transition box is suitable to put into.If not,please contact the sales.